Merlin Writer's End of Year Check In

Doing this because I never do anything because I am awful

Total Stories Written: 30
Total Words Written: 113,638
Average Words Per Story: About 3787.9
Shortest Story: We Could Be Immortal
Longest: Fool Me Twice

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? I wrote more than I thought I had written, does that count?

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write most? Merlin, Merthur, and Angst.  Of course.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? An anon fic that I will never own up to and you can't make me. >.>

Did you take any writing risks this year? I wrote in the middle of a conference surrounded by people who could look at my notebook at any moment.  If that isn't risky, I don't know what is.

Do you have any fanfic or general writing goals for the new year?  Finishing all my wips.  What can I say, I'm a dreamer.

From the past year of writing, what was your...

Best story of this year: The fic I wrote for texasfandoodler's art, Fool Me Twice, was probably the best.

Most popular story of this year: The Ring Around the Rosie series was the one I had the most requests for sequels for, but again, Fool Me Twice had the most kudos.

Personal favorite: This could probably go for under-appreciated too, but I love The Servant and the Frog.  Even I didn't know where I was going while I was writing it, and in the end it was just silly fluffy fun, which I pretty much never write.

Most under-appreciated: I'd say the sparkly sparkle sword in All that Glitters is Not Gold (but it's probably magic).  But it's appreciated by me and pandragolot, so that's what matters.

Most fun to write: Instant Satisfaction.  I giggled pretty much the entire time I was writing it.

Story with the single sexiest moment:  Again, that anon fic.  Which none of you will ever find (no, that isn't a dare).

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:  I've heard We Could be Immortal is pretty brutal if you're not like me and no longer have a soul.  Sorry.

Most challenging to write: The Other Side of Limbo.  I cried pretty much the entire time I was writing it.  But in the end I felt a bit better, so there's that.

Biggest disappointment: One Step Back.  I had meant it to have an entire other section so the ending wouldn't be so rushed (there's a hint in the beginning of "Merlin's favourite customer" who was supposed to turn out to be Morgana), but I just wanted to finally get it out of my wip folder so I didn't add it.

Favorite character to write:  Little awkward puppy Mordred in Wet Hot Pants!

Favorite opening lines: Gwaine was not an evil man.  No, really, he wasn’t.  Okay, not in general anyway.  It was just that sometimes problems occurred, and those problems required a solution, and on occasion the path to said solution just happened to allow for some entertainment on his behalf.

Favorite closing lines:  “Sex’s good f’r you. Lo’s of vitamin C.”

Other favorite lines: SO MANY.
-Now the frog was pouting. The fucking frog was pouting.
-Merlin cringed.  Arthur sounded suspiciously smug.  This could only mean disaster.
-"I’m your prince, Merlin," he panted softly.  "I decide what you’re worth."  With that, he took his sword and smacked Merlin over the head with the hilt.
-Somehow his fingers had turned into sausages throughout the night.
-“Oh, Arthur?” Gwen called after him.  “Merlin just called.  He wasn’t quite sure: is he supposed to actually feed Alex or can he just set him out in the sun for an hour to soak up nutrients?”
-"As Morgana pointed out later, once Gaius had left from his inspection, Merlin was grinning far too brightly for a man who just been kidnapped, shot, and set on fire."
-"Merlin Emrys, age 26, passed away last night after a long battle with brain cancer." I'M KIDDING.

Most telling fic:  I don't know, honestly.  I think they pretty much all tell that I am a soulless heartbreaker who occasionally likes to pretend to be a squishy human.

More prompts up for grabs because I will never get around to writing them all

  • Merlin starts recieving love letters from a secret admirer.  Eventually he figures out from clues in the letters that the writer is Arthur.  Only it turns out it's not Arthur, it's the knights, who think it will help force the two of them to confess their feelings.  It backfires when Merlin finds out and thinks they were just doing it to make fun of him.

  • Gaius was right that Merlin meeting with Finna was a trap.

  • They both go to the same place for coffee/breakfast/whatever every day at the same time, and their orders are always getting swapped so eventually they decide to sit at the same table "to save the waitress the trouble."


  • More long amnesia fics

  • Merlin actually is always going to the tavern, and it's a real problem

  • Just more drug/alcohol addiction fics in general

  • Either A. Arthur actually is observant and notices that Merlin is healed of his wound in the fomorroh episode

  • And/Or B. Gwen and Gaius tell Arthur Merlin is enchanted, because really, what purpose was there in not telling him when it wasn't Merlin's fault (especially Gwen, what reason did she have to not tell him he was in danger, especially after removing the fomorroh didn't work the first time!?)

  • Arthur figures out Morgana's dreams seem to come true, and worried, does some research to discover it's magic.  He panics and does whatever he can to protect her.

  • They can't save Gaius from the Witchfinder, and Merlin and Morgana are thrown in gaol next.

  • More about Merlin FALLING OFF A FREAKING CLIFF in With All My Heart because I feel like that was way too brushed over.

Various Movie Fusions (because I can't watch anything without thinking: "Imagine if this were Merlin and Arthur...")

  • Maid in Manhattan

  • Love Surreal

  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

  • The Wizard of Oz

Writing Resources

Found a wonderful resource for when I want my fanfics to really follow canon.  Scar fics always interest me, just because it always raises the question for me: how on earth did noone notice? Even if you just take the canon ones mapped out here and ignore the added ones, that's a heck of a lot of damage for a servant untrained in battle who supposedly hides whenever there's conflict.




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I have been watching too much television

It's affecting my ideas for fanfiction prompts.  (Also, affect and effect are two of my least favourite English words.  I can never figure them out.)

  1. Due to extreme anxiety problems (OCD or other), Arthur cannot stand for anyone to touch his hands.  It causes quite a few problems when he starts looking for a boyfriend.  But Merlin is willing to try, even if he has to come up with some creative solutions.

  2. On that same thread, PUSHING DAISIES AU.

  3. A modern royalty AU based on the most ridiculous show to grace the planet, "I Want to Marry Harry."  Basically it's a "The Bachelor" spin-off where the contestants think the person they're competing to win the heart of is Prince Harry.  Imagine as you will.

I need to stop my brain coming up with ideas.  I already have twelve hundred more than I could ever write.  I need more hands.  Or brains.  Or motivation.

Prompts and Kittens!

Signed up as a pinch hitter for the Merlin Reverse Big Bang.  Now I've got another piece added to my plate.  I'm hoping the new stimulus will help my lack of wanting to do anything.  I still have three WIPs I'm chipping away on, and a handful of new prompts (I just love prompts).  If you have more motivation than me, go for it!

  1. Movie Magic:  Merlin does special effects for movies

  2. Re: Incarnated:  An epistolary reincarnation fic done with emails (in case the title didn't spell that out or anything)

  3. A series of situations where Gwaine and Merlin are never able to be quiet (church, the dentist, etc.)

  4. Merthur break-up fic wherein Gwaine tries to get them back together, but only ever speaks in The Princess Bride quotes (My mind is a strange and wonderful place)

On a happy note, my flatmate and I got kittens!  Two little black balls of fluff.  We named them Southkit and Northkit (If you've read the WarriorCats series by Erin Hunter you will understand this reference).  My flatmate picked the first names because she's is really looking forward to Southpaw (a reference that had to be explained to me).  I'm letting her have it, because I'm looking forward to Northstar.

I really need to stop thinking of prompts.

At this rate I'm not going to have a free moment until June.

-Morgana kidnaps Merlin and Gwen then holds them at seperate locations, forcing Arthur to choose between them.
-Sigan succeeds in possessing Merlin, but decides to try and take advantage if Merlin's position close to the crown (especially now Arthur feels guilty for not believing the truth about Cedric) to do even more damage.
-Merlin's leg is crushed by his horse and Gaius (with the help of the knights) has to amputate. (I'm really attached to this one being that I live with limited mobility myself).


Just gonna make a list of prompts here that I'm either looking for or hoping to write one day so I don't lose them.

  1. Merlin is the one who falls under the spell of a love potion, not Arthur.

  2. Kilgharrah told Merlin “If he sees his father killed through the use of magic, it will harden his mind forever.”  Tag to The Wicked Day as Merlin remembers this and thinks he's failed his destiny forever.

  3. Merlin is the one injured and unconscious when they go to find Balinor, and through a series of roundabout interrogations, Arthur and Balinor figure out that Merlin is Balinor's son.

  4. All the break-up fics

  5. Someone (Gwen, the knights, etc.) decides that Arthur and Merlin's friendship/relationship isn't healthy, so they try to break them apart.

  6. Gwaine and Percival find out Merlin wanted Arthur to turn back and leave them to Morgana in Arthur's Bane.  Hurt feelings and awkward apologies ensue

  7. Arthur doesn't buy Merlin's explanation or sudden health when he comes back in Servant of Two Masters.


  9. Merlin is in/just got out of an abusive relationship, and can't help but compare Arthur's brash/possessive treatment of him as the same.

  10. Merlin is cursed to obey whatever anyone tells him.  Morgana tries to take advantage.  Arthur fights not to.

  11. Medical AUs (wherein Merlin or Arthur has a medical condition)

  12. Kid-fics, de-aging

  13. Uther knows about Merlin's magic and secretly has him watching out for Arthur

  14. BAMF!Princesses doing their BAMF!Princess thang.  AKA Elena, Vivian, and Mithian form the Powerpuff Girls.

I could go on, but I think this is enough for now, right?